Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July week in Scofield

Happy 4th of July!
We spent the weekend in Scofied Utah at the Cabin.
We hiked and walked, rode ATV's and motor cycles, made tin foil dinners and 
dutch oven desserts, played games, stayed up late and slept in.
Saturday we spent in town at pleasant Valley Days, they
had a small town parade that the kids were in, listened to
red neck music, had great food, watched the 
rubber ducky contest and ended the day by watching
fire works over the lake.
It was a wonderful weekend away.
Fireworks over the lake
Watching the fireworks
Tyler  Keena  Christian  Issac  Savanah  Macie
Emma  Aydelyn  Davi  Greg
Making dutch oven desserts with Nanerz Diane
Licking the bowl
 Savavah and Macie being festive
 Tyler and Keena 
Christian  Taryn  Issac  Marcus
tin foil dinners
I love watching the pelicans at the lake
A little view from an ATV ride
Greg and Christian motor biking
The road into the cabin
The weather was awesome
 This guy sang the best red neck songs
 I went on a nature walk

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Utah Art Festival

This week I have been attending a CTE Conference for photography teachers.
We were able to meet professional photographers, learn from them and shoot with them.
Today I went with Laura Seitz from Desert News to the Utah Art Festival, very cool 
shooting a little editorial work.
Above: Dr. B. Zurk Madame Madness  'Oddity crafted with Insanity'
Below:Albert Anzar from Fat Cat Gallery

                            These two pictures are of children playing in the childrens art area.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunset hiking is the best

 So I read somewhere that you can turn your lens into a macro lens by flipping your lens back words on your camera. Unhook your lens, flip it, and hold it tight against the camera. You obviously can't twist it onto the camera back words. You also can't focus it, so you just have to move around until your hit the sweet spot. I flipped a fixed 50mm lens, normally the camera needs to be about 12 inches from the subject with this lens, this is about an inch away from the rock. I don't think I was holding very still though. Pretty cool trick, it almost hase a lens baby feel to it.

 When I took this photo I only saw the red bugs, not until I had it on the computer did I see all the little black bugs. Yuck.
Other side of provo canyon tonight. We tried to get the kids to come this time, no such luck. We hiked along a mountain bike trail Greg bikes on.  It was a perfect night for a hike.